Tuesday, September 21, 2010

T-shirt for space geeks.

I saw this on Emily's blog on the Planetary Society's web site - she always finds all the coolest stuff!  It's a t-shirt with 23 robotic and human space exploration missions.  I just had to have one, so my order is in and the shirt is on it's way.


Dave said...

A true Space Geek would be able to identify each mission from looking at the silhouettes. I think I can get about half of them. But, I'm having trouble distinguishing between Pioneers and Voyagers, and the "boxes with solar wings" designs have me stumped without resorting to cheating.

Tom said...

I added another link to the solution if you can't name them all. I think the boxes are mostly Mars spacecraft. I'll have to cheat myself to check my geek factor! (I'm pretty high on the score though). :-)