Monday, September 6, 2010

Watch out for the cloud curse you Seattle astronomers....

We know that anytime money is spent on astronomical optics or gear, when you open the box, you let the clouds out.  The more you spend, the more clouds are compressed into that box.  So if a 12" LX200 is bought, there are months of non-visible night sky crammed in there.
I'm trying something new with my autoguiding setup.  I just bought an Orion Starshoot autoguider from a guy on classified.  I was just over $200, so I'm expecting to try this thing out by....April maybe? 
My idea is to use a lightweight (reduced flexure) finder scope with the new guide camera.  Hoping I can retire the Meade DSI as a guider and go to something more specifically designed for this use. 
I'll share my progress when I can.  Until then, I watch for holes in the clouds.


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