Saturday, January 31, 2009

NASA slightly faked photo

There was a funny entry on Phil "Bad Astronomer" blog the other day that caught my attention. I have seen this photo floating around the internet before of the view from the shuttle cockpit while in orbit.
The funky thing about it that would get any NASA Hoaxer to stand up and start throwing chars is the fact that stars are visible along with the Earth out the front windows of the cockpit. Supposedly , it was taken on STS-101 while in orbit but wasn't after all. There is a Wikipedia entry that does mention that this is a composite image, but if you look at NASA's official site with the photo, they don't mention anything like that.
Faked or not, I don't really care. It is the cokpit of the shuttle and it's pretty darn cool when you view the full size image of it.

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