Friday, March 27, 2009

Complete (at least in area) ISS

This week the International space station has reached it's full size - at least in the area it covers by the solar panel "wings" and the truss. The rest of the construction is in the modules including the possible node named "Colbert" or maybe even the "Colbert" toilet!
The station looks pretty much like most of the old concept drawings. I looked around for the most goofy looking concept and found this one. So compare the "then and now" images of the station. Impressive sight, even from ground telescopes.
At this time (Friday) there are 13 people in space. Three on the ISS, three (including our friend Charles Simonyi) on board the Soyuz, and 7 in the shuttle which will land sometime Saturday. I'd have t look it up, but I'm not sure if this is a record amount of humanity in orbit.
(be sure to click on the images for full size, the new ISS is quite impressive!)

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