Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ISS second brightest thing in the sky - after STS-119 gets there.

Another launch scrub for Discovery STS-119. Seems there was a hydrogen leak at a seal where it attaches to the tank which was discovered during fueling. The next launch day is no earlier than Sunday now.
When it does get up there, the main task of this flight is to complete the solar panel "wings" of the space station. Once the 4th set of panels are installed, the ISS will become the second brightest object in the night sky. Venus will be bumped into third place by the ISS. The moon takes first place, not counting the sun since that is a daytime object (actually creates the daylight so that's cheating to count the sun).
Must be frustrating to be an astronaut, all excited the night before and unable to sleep - almost like waiting for Santa on Christmas when you were a kid (but later found out that it was just mom and dad).
At least I'd be pretty excited about flying on the shuttle!

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