Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shuttle reusable spare parts.

When STS-119 launched on Sunday it flew on the 100th set of SRB rockets flown since Challenger was taken out by one of them. Here is some interesting trivia on the flights that each of the segments has flown on:

  • STS-1, the first shuttle mission (right uppermost cylinder)
  • STS-5, the first operational mission (left uppermost cylinder)
  • STS-41D, the first flight of Discovery (right cylinder)
  • STS-31, Hubble Space Telescope deploy (right aft dome)
  • STS-61, first Hubble Space Telescope repair mission (right cylinder)
  • STS-88, first shuttle to the International Space Station (left cylinder)
  • STS-95, John Glenn's shuttle flight (left and right cylinders)
  • STS-114, return to flight after Columbia (left and right cylinders)
(Thanks to Robert Perlman of Collectspace.com for sharing the info)
(Photo: Ben Cooper Launchphotography.com)

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