Sunday, March 1, 2009

A good comet site I just came across - and another weather rant.

I came across a good web site by Gary Kronk who has a really good article about comet Lulin. A bunch of stuff about the discovery, early photos as well as current images.
Sad how the biggest astro event so far this year has been going on for a couple months, and we just can't even get any good nights to see anything here in Seattle. Yes, I'm still really upset about the weather change on Friday (see previous blog entry). But look at this satellite image from this morning, nobody on the west coast is spared today.

Oh, also on Friday there was a nice conjunction of Venus and the moon. My girlfriend is down in California this weekend and called me "Tom! The moon and Venus look so beautiful tonight. Did you see them?" I answered with a sharp "NO!" followed by a spew of profanities.
(Photo by Paul Kinzer)

Only about 20 more days until spring.

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