Sunday, June 28, 2009

Free Spirit website

I first though of the old Free Spirit Sears bicycle I had when I was a kid. Remember back in 1976 when they had the red, white and blue bike with the banana seat and tall handlebars? I found one photo, but there was copyright stuff all over it, so I found this instead. The famous Evel Knievel Free Spirit bike. I never had one, but the kid down the street did. Yes we took it over some sweet jumps too!
Anyway, back to space. I saw that JPL has the Spirit rover so badly stuck in the soil on Mars - up to its belly on stuff too. That they have now put up a "Free Spirit" web page with updates on the progress getting the little rover roving again. Rover drivers are working hard with simulations using an earth-based duplicate rover trying to figure out how to get Spirit un-stuck and moving again. They should make this into a bumper sticker, then Mars geeks would be easy to identify on the freeways.

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