Sunday, June 21, 2009

Skimming low over the moon.....

The final views from the Japanese Kaguya spacecraft were released after it had crashed into the moon (yes, this was intentional). If you were riding on board a spacecraft as it did it's final plunge, this is what you would see.
The video shows the Kaguya skimming over the craters at about 6,000 km/hour until finally, it smears itself across the surface and the video ends. The blast was small, but there was an observatory in Australia that did see the impact.
Last week another spacecraft launched to the moon. The LRO and LCROSS spacecraft both headed toward the moon after some slight weather delays. So far everything is working great, and the LRO should arrive at the moon 4 days after launch. Again, unless you are living in a cave, you should know that the LRO is the spacecraft that will put an end to the moon landing hoaxers. I can't wait to see the Apollo leavings up there!

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