Thursday, June 11, 2009

More very cool new/old moon images from the orbiters.

The latest image in the series of re-processed images from the old pre-Apollo orbiters in the 60s has been released. This image shows the Apollo 14 landing site taken from an altitude of about 28 miles above the surface. There isn't any human garbage left there in this image since we hadn't been there yet when this was taken. The photo has the Apollo 14 paths drawn on the image for reference. That part that really blows me away is the last image of the rock. The rock pile on the rim of the crater is seen from above, then again taken from the surface by the astronauts. Very cool!
So if we had the ability to see this closely in the 60s (or at least now that we can process the tapes better) it's pretty easy to see that soon we'll be seeing the Apollo hardware again for the first time in 40 years!
Soon Bart Sibrel won't have any reason to chase after moonwalkers with his Bible.

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