Monday, June 22, 2009

Group photo from Apollo 11 evening last weekend.

Here is the group photo of all the special guests at the Museum of Flight last weekend when I helped out with the Apollo 11 40th anniversary gala.

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(Thanks to Sy Liebergot for sharing the photo on

First Row: Pat Garza, Betty Sjoberg, Gerry Griffin, Glynn Lunney, George Mueller, Buzz Aldrin, Bill Anders, Chris Kraft, Dick Gordon, Gene Kranz, Milt Windler, Maureen Bowen

Second Row: Briggs Willoughby, Jr. (standing in for dad), Bonnie Dunbar, Gary Renick, Maurice Kennedy, John Hirasaki, Bill Boone, Merlin Merritt, Jim Joki, Chuck Lewis, Doug Ward, Dr. Charles (Chuck) Berry

Third Row: Jerry Mill, Frank Van Rensselaer, George Abbey, George Jeffs, Frank Hughes, Sy Liebergot, Floyd Bennett, Bill Moon, Tom Weichel

Fourth Row: H. David Reed, John Llewellyn, Charlie Harlan, Charlie Duke, John Aaron, Jay Greene, Chuck Deiterich, Arnie Aldrich, Spencer Gardner

Fifth Row: Jerry Bostick, Hal Loden, Bill Peters, Mike Collins, Grant Heiken, Ken Young, Neil Hutchinson, Bill Reeves, John Wegener, Larry Sheaks, Gran Paules


Jenny Baker-Henkelmann said...

Happy Apollo 11 Landing Day Dr. James Joki! Your the best life saver and bringer in the cosmos!!! Thank you all for your efforts and making the universe a more understood place to live in.

Jenny Baker-Henkelmann said...
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