Friday, January 16, 2009

Another item for the 40th anniversary of the moon landings.

I was just wandering around YouTube searching for silly commercials and came across this beauty. Remember eating food sticks when you were a kid in the 70s when Apollo was landing on the moon? (If you were born in the late 60s at least).
They were those tasty sticks that had that space age paper with plastic and strange foil wrapping. Mom didn't have any trouble getting you to eat these since it was the same thing Neil and Buzz ate on the moon while drinking a tube of Tang (at least that is what they wanted us to believe). Of course, the sticks were so chewy and pasty, they were almost as much fun as silly putty. Roll it up into a ball, play with it a while, then finally eat it. Later you would find some of it stuck to the butt of your pajamas since you were sitting on it during a full 3 episodes of Saturday morning cartoons - Speed Racer, Marine Boy and Star Blazers. When New Zoo Review came on, it was time to quit and go ride Big Wheels with the boys up the hill - that pink hippo was just wrong.

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Anonymous said...

We loved space food sticks. We wish they would make them again. Thank you for putting the video on this site!