Friday, January 23, 2009

ISS seen through high clouds.

The ISS came over the house tonight at 5:33pm. I left work early as I watched the clouds come in from the south. It was a hazy cirrus layer probably 30,000 feet up. Just enough to be annoying. I gave it a try anyway since it was a nice pass directly overhead (the kind that hurts when crouching under the scope with knees bent backwards while guiding). Used Venus to focus sinee there wasn't anything else up there visible but clouds.
I'm happy with the results! All the modules are clearly seen, and if it was CLEAR out I'm sure it could be even sharper.
Click on image to see full size.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's incredible that you remembered there'd be a good shuttle pass, then were able to leave work early,that Venus lent some help, and that the clouds parted and your bones bent obliquely and your muscles didn't cramp up and ruin everything. I, on the other hand, forgot to tape a show on TV, but got to see the last 15 minutes of it.

Tom said...

Who said my knees didn't cramp up??

The best shots are usually the ones that you sacrifice yourself to capture. Ha! :-)