Monday, January 19, 2009

Foggy night backyard astronomy.

Finally a fairly clear night despite fairly lousy seeing (the stars were all twinkling even straight up!). Humidity was about 94%, and temperature near freezing, but the observatory does have a warm room with a heater. One of my 2 monitors finally blew up, probably from all the cold and damp weather lately, but I can get a new one for maybe $10. To top it off, I've been having problems with my dew heaters also.
Anyway, here is the first image of 2009 and probably the first in about 3 months.
The gory details for the techie types -
  • Camera: Canon 350D (modified - no red blocking IR filter)
  • Scope: Orion 80ED piggybacked on 12" Meade LX200
  • Autoguiding: Meade DSI on the 12" with MaxDLSR
  • Exposures: 24 at ISO 800. Between 10 seconds up to 3 minutes
  • Extra exposures: 10 with the H-Alpha filter used for the red channel of the RGB (bring out more of the whispy stuff normally lost in the light pollution)
  • Software: stacked, processed and aligned with ImagesPlus
Oh, guess I should mention this is M42 in Orion if you didn't recognize it already! (click for full sized image)

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