Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No more space tourists after 2009

I had already collected $137.47 toward my $20 million for a ticket for a ride on a Soyuz to the ISS for my vacation. Now I see that there will be no more tourists after 2009. I would have had enough money by February 2098 at my rate of savings, so close...
Soon there will be a crew of 6 on board the ISS this year, so there just isn't room for visitors after that. The Soyuz can only hold 3 at a time, and spacecraft parking up there could be worse then Costco parking lot at Christmas - and no breaks if you have a handicapped tag either.
Our neighbor in Medina, Dr. Charles Simonyi, is currently training for his second trip up, but he will be the last tourist. We were fortunate to have him as a guest speaker for or club last fall, and are excited for him to get a chance to go a second time.

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