Friday, January 23, 2009

Another pocket sized universe.

It seems there there are several more new sky map programs coming out now for the iPhone/iPod Touch. I just found another one that I had to buy. It was $4.99 for the download and this one is called Star Walk. I'm easily amused by shiny things, pretty colors and visual bling, so I didn't hesitate too long and just downloaded this one.
The sky looks very nice on this one, with faint graphic outlines of the constallation that is centered on the screen, Milky Way, transparent horizon, and the ecliptic across the sky. Zoom in and tap on a star and hit the 'i' button and you'll get all the info on the object including all the Messier objects and planets. The "M" obects appear a bit oversized on the wide view, but give a quick view of where something is I guess. It does't have any moon info for Saturn or Jupiter and Saturn's rings are way too far open, so it's just a generic graphic for that. A future update I would like to see is a moon position for Saturn/Jupiter as well as Great Red Spot transit for Jupiter. Still, it's a nice little program for very cheap!

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