Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2000 sols / 3 Martian years

A few days ago the little rover stuck in the sand, braving another dust storm, Spirit, just passed another milestone. Despite being stuck, it's still alive and doing ok. It just passed 2,000 sols (Martian days - 39 minutes longer than an Earth day) and also made it to 3 Martian years, about 668 sols. That comes out to about 5 Earth years. The rovers are well past their 90 day warranty, so I guess NASA did get suckered into the extended warranty plan, but not sure if they had to cash it in yet!
A nice poster has been created by James Canvin, words by Stuart Atkinson, and logo an enhancement by Glen Nagle. (Look closely for the dust devil!)


Anonymous said...

That was really cool to see and read. Never thought of Mars as cinnamon colored. It fits.

Dave said...

I just came back down to this post after seeing the Opportunity post.

I read Spirit's poem.

How beautifully sad. :-(

- Rocketman