Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend sky objects.

Clear skies this weekend despite warm temperatures from the aftermath of our all time 103 (105 here at my house!) record temperature in Seattle. NEVER been this hot in recorded history. Basically, it sucked.
Nice and warm out for playing out late though, can't sleep in the heat very well anyway. Here are the latest images.
Jupiter - this is the 'boring' side of the planet right now, sure the Great Red Spot is a good viewing destination, but these days the imact site of the asteroid on the other side of the planet is the favorite target. This image is probaby one of my best of Jupiter.
M27 Dumbbell nebula. An easy target since it's fairly bright. Skies were lousy with a lot of smog from the stagnent air this week, and the moon was still up. Worked out well though. I didn't use a focal reducer on this on in hopes that my guiding was improved. Pretty close, but still slightly elongated stars - I'm my own worst critic as usual!
The Ring nebula (M57). This turned out really nice. One of those rare times that my autoguiding just worked like it should with minimal cussing!

(Click on the images to view full size)

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