Friday, August 28, 2009

Rings in space (or moon)

I saw this photo from the LRO orbiter and reminded me of some other rings.
The logo from the title of that very strange and kind of creepy Japanese horror movie. Or....will we see Kurt Russel emerge from the darkness and another time through this stargate?
How about the logo from the game that I get fragged in every time by teenagers who really should get outside, get a job, and buy a new game since they obviously have this one mastered. Yeah, that's one of my favorite X-box games - Halo of course!
No, actually the photo is of Erlanger crater on the north pole of the moon. LRO took this photo of the crater which the bottom of the crater may never see sunlight and always in the darkness of the shade from the crater rim. The interest in this is that there may be ice down there that may have never melted in the sun - a possible good location for water resources for future manned missions to the moon. Why bring fuel if you can dig it out of the surface?

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