Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mars Victoria Crater seen from a new angle.

Mars MRO sent home a new image of Victoria crater. This image is taken from a lower angle than many of the others that we have seen recently while Opportunity was carefully wandering around the rim. This photo is more of what you would see if you were flying past it in an airplane (so they say on the site). The walls around the crater show up really well in this image, and if you look closely on the left side, you can see the tracks the rover left while exploring. Opportunity is now about 4.2 km into it's 19 km trip to the monstrously huge Endeavour crater. (click photo for larger image)


Anonymous said...

cool post.. just one minor correction: Opportunity ist not heading to the endurance crater, which it visited in 2004 I think. The name of the huge crater ist "Endeavour" and its diameter is about 22km.

greetings, tom

Tom said...

Yeah, I know the crater, just get those backward now and then since the names are so close! Fixed it.
Thanks for the correction. Good to know people are reading my stuff. :-)

Wilson said...

I have found the tracks! They are very very stiff lol