Monday, August 24, 2009

Hey Bart Sibrel, need any more proof?

Bart Sibrel is the biggest jerk of a moon hoax believer that I know of (other than Fox Network and their excrement of a show a few years back). I won't bother with a link for that rubbish or give any credit to Bart with a link (Google that yourself!).
Anyway, the LRO orbiter is still working it's way down to it's lower orbit around the moon. It's in a polar orbit so about once a month it will pass over the Apollo sites in it's path. So a few days ago, the latest image from Apollo 14's site has come back. Track from the MET (the cart thingy that Ed and Alan were pulling full of stuff) are easily visible in the image. While on the moon they were setting out to expolore Cone crater, but they got a little lost and weren't quite sure where the rim of the crater was. We now find out from the LRO that they got within only about 100 feet from the rim. Just a little further and they would have reached their goal! Bummer.
For you autograph collectors, this would really be a nice one to have signed by Ed Mitchell I think. I read on that he will sign for $50. Not a bad deal, I may have to get one of these myself, but I'll wait a bit to see how close the orbiter gets.
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