Friday, July 17, 2009

Apollo 11 and other sites seen from LRO - finally!

Here is the first views of the Apollo landing sites, including Apollo 11 of course, seen since the astronauts left the surface many years ago.
These are just the first peek, they will get 2 or 3 times better as the LRO's orbit is lowered. It's still working it's orbit down to it's final altitude.
Can we call the moon landing hoax busted now!?
Hey Bart Sibrel, bend over, and get ready for your much deserved whacking!


Linda said...

I love the trail of footprints that are still visible! That's awesome!

Tom said...

It will only get better too. The orbiter is in a high orbit still, but will eventually get lower. I forget the altitude, 30-50 miles or something like that.