Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Google moon Apollo tour

Google takes one giant leap ahead of Microsoft "Bing" once again. Ok, it's not another search engine war, but a feature in Google Earth software (the moon part) that is pretty nicely done. The Apollo sites are all marked and you can zoom in on the landing sites and see a 3d LM siting there as well as other goodies. I'm sure before long, the actual NASA images will be there, they have "almost live" images added to Google Mars all the time, so I'm sure this will also be a new feature.
If you zoom down to the Apollo 11 site, there is an animated audio tour by Andrew Chaikin and Buzz Aldrin with an animated landing, photos, sounds and other stuff.
Another good Google thing to totally get lost in and later realize that several hours have been lost......so be careful if you peek at this at work!

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