Thursday, July 16, 2009

Build your own DKSY Apollo computer!

You can find anything on the internet. Now you can even recreate the Apollo landings in the comfort of your own home. Imagine if you had one of these while you were playing "moon lander" in the backyard with your cardboard box LM that you crawled out of and walked slowly around the backyard with a bucket on your head.
Software engineer John Pultorak spent 4 years building a fully functional replica of the computer. Would you like your own 1202 alarm? Here you go! Remember, despite the overload errors, Eagle still landed safely on the moon. Now days, we would get a "blue screen of death" and crash into the moon while waiting for the computer to reboot, ask you if you want safe mode or normal boot, then finally start up again. But then this computer was very simple (not if you see the plans for this thing though) and would never even boot DOS 5.0.
Full plans are availible for a free download below.

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