Friday, July 17, 2009

STS-127 finally up after 6 tries....

Endeavour is safely in orbit as of yesterday and chasing down the ISS. I saw both fly over my house tonight. First the ISS, then about 10 minutes behind, the shuttle came over too. I would have tried some telescope images but they were North of the house and I have a couple of big trees there, and if you have ever tried to move a polar mounted scope on a wedge in a north position by hand, it's a frustrating endeavour (sorry!).
Chunks of ice and/or foam tore off the tank and gave the black tiles a good wack before the SRBs dropped off. Several white spots are seen where the black surface had been chipped away. More on this later as the tiles are insepected.

Here is the launch seen in HD. (look for the chunks flinging about 1:46 into the flight)

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