Sunday, July 19, 2009

CNN and the 40th anniversary

I'm a little disgusted with CNN over the last few days. I just saw a second headline about the Apollo 11 anniversary which once again mentions, hoax, fake, and lies in the headline and article.
Hey CNN, can't you give this some more respect than that? Praise the landings and the amazing accomplishments we did 40 years ago, save the hoax busting for later. Sad thing is, I read the other day that about 1/4 of the 18 to 25 year olds believe the landings were staged. Arrrgh!! That's so very wrong, what is it with people these days? The LRO has smacked the hoaxers already, and over time, it will give those hoaxers a good firm beating as the lower altitude images of the landing sites come down.
Well, they did dump Miles O'Brien who was the best CNN science guy they had, so what can you expect from them now?


Stephan said...

I'm totally with you on this. The media always gets caught up with the negative aspects of things. Sure, 25% of the 18 to 25 year olds don't believe in the lunar landings. However, that means 75% of that population does believe it.

The title to this article is what really irritates me. Tomorrow is a memorial day for a nation, which pulled together, to achieve something that was, figuratively and literally, out of this world.

No matter what happens, the ones who are skeptical now, will remain skeptical. Even these magnificent images being downlinked by LRO will be called photoshops and fakes. It's extremely sad and unfortunately, the media isn't helping the situation.

Tom said...

With the media, I guess 'negative' sells and gets ratings.
Good point, I guess I was looking at the wrong side of the problem and have to remember that 75% still know it's true. But then again, it's really sad that such a huge chunk of the younger age group doesn't think it happened. Isn't this the age of our future engineers, and scientists? But nobody wants to get into that kind of career anymore, and the schools cut back on good Math/science education too.
Well, for you, me and the other 75% - Happy Tranquility Base day!