Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jupiter hit seen from Renton backyard.

I got my chance last night to check out the view of the asteroid/comet (or spreading monoliths?) hit on Jupiter. Despite the 85+ degree temperature at midnight the skies were fairly stable and Jupiter wasn't looking too bad despite still being a little low in the sky. I took this image with the 12" Meade LX200 with a 2x barlow and the Vesta Pro webcam. It's a stack of a few hundred images, processed with Registax5, tweaked and fiddled with using The Gimp.
It's a little faint in my image, but the impact cloud can be seen in the shot. It seems that it will come around the planet and be centered in the view about 2 hours after the Great Red Spot passes.
I'm wondering how long this will be there before it dissipates?
(click the image to see an enlargement)

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