Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lightning strikes water.

I do "borrow" things from other blogs sometimes, but always give full credit to the author. I just came across this really awesome lightning photo on

This was taken by Francis Schaefers and Daniel Burger in the Netherlands.

On May 26th, photographers Francis Schaefers and Daniel Burger were chasing a thunderstorm along a beach in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, when "the storm turned around and came a little too close for comfort," says Schaefers. "We were able to photograph lightning hitting the water just 40 meters away." Here is the view through their Canon 400D:

I've done a little lightning photography myself, but good storms are rare in Seattle, but this is my favorite from a few years ago.

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Jeff said...

Hi there, thanks for your blog and those awesome lightening shots you passed on from the author.
I have tried many times to catch lightening with the camera but lack the experience really.
Thanks again