Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One clear but hazy night last weekend.

We have again had frustrating weather, and a freaky 1 hour storm last night with lightning and thunder. (See the Space Needle get hit a few times). The other lightning on the left looks like it hit the flag pole on top of 2 Union Square - the building next to the one I work in. I only got one blast of thunder here at home, but it felt like an inch of rain!
A few nights ago, it was clear but kind of hazy with high cirrus stuff drifting around. I had my second chance to test out the new alignment on the scope mount. Still seemed to be holding on fine. The stars are again round in this shot of M-63. We might have a week of clear skies coming up, so maybe spring is starting?
I still feel that I need work on processing, the image still has some noise in it that I want to improve. But maybe I can get a few nights of fresh data to play with....

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