Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More STS-125 videos

Always fun the few days after launch (or even the evening after) there are always so many videos to watch. I poked around on for good amateur videos - and there are a lot of them!
Although, not an amateur video, this is one of NASA's cameras near the pad. So far this has to be my favorite one so far. Watch this one and notice the shuttle climb, do the roll and then aim it's nozzles right at the camera. I've never seen this angle and just think it looks really cool. (On these videos, double click and hit the [HD] button to see it in higher resolution)

Another impressive view. This time the External Tank in high definition. This was the first time a HD camera was used for this. Notice how well cooked and blackened the end of the tank is, as well as the SRB burn marks on the top of the tank.

One more! This is a more familiar angle of the launch, but all in HD quality. Sure is nice that YouTube supports this now. This sure looks nice.

I'm sure in a couple days the SRB booster view videos will be out. Those are always great.

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