Thursday, May 7, 2009

That always recognizable clinking sound of that shaken box.

You know that sound, LEGO! Today (one of my favorite geeky news sites) had a nice article today on the timeline of one of our favorite Lego themes. The space Lego sets. My first set was #367 in 1975, the moon landing with the blue LM and the square helmeted astronauts (you had to decapitate figures of their spherical yellow heads since Lego helmets were still not invented yet). Later when minifigs came out, there was this fantastic new kit with a rocket launcher and a couple little astronauts with it. I spent a weekend collecting newspapers and bottles to sell for recycling to save up the $8.95 for the kit....only to realize that I still needed a few more bucks for tax. Finally, another weekend towing the Radio Flyer around the block, I got the #462 kit and life was complete - at least for a while. I never got the Galaxy Explorer, but later got a few Star Wars kits, a Discovery Shuttle, and the large Mars Rover with 800+ pieces. I still must get that ultimate Millenium Falcon someday, but $300+ is pretty steep. Too old? No, it says for ages 16+ (I'm on the "+" side of the age!)


Linda said...

In the good old days you had to MAKE your rockets out of lots of square bricks! Not really aerodynamic, but still impressive. Now LEGOs have so many fancy pre-cut shapes! :D

Tom said...

Heck yeah! That new stuff kinda sucks. I saw this horse trailer kit and was instantly offended.

How many parts are in that? Three? Sheesh! What else can you make with that, a big toe for a scale model of the statue of Liberty?

I once saw a "Lego Purist" site, but it seems to have disappeared - with the imaginations.