Friday, May 1, 2009

Shuttle to launch a day early for Hubble (May 11)

The first launch scrub (Oops...I mean LAUNCH!) will be moved up one day earlier for the flight of Atlantis on the STS-125 mission for a final visit to the Hubble for one last upgrade. Endeavor is standing by on the other pad ready to fly in a few days notice just in case something bad happens to Atlantis and the crew needs to be picked up. Again, STS-400 (rescue) is a mission that we plan not to fly, and a trained crew trained for nothing. If this flight goes, Atlantis is doomed, and the shuttle program will probably come to an earlier end than planned.
Anyway, no more talk about that. Here is a really nice graphic that I found in my Friday email from the Hubble list. I have this set as a wallpaper on one of my monitors on my computer at work.

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