Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First light with "new" Hubble telescope

We have been waiting a while for these to be released. After Hubble was upgraded a few months back, it has been going through a bunch of calibrations, testing and other stuff. We did get a quick peek at Jupiter when the "Wesley Impact" happened, but then back to the calibrating. Finally, the first new images are out, and they are....uh....speechless. (Just look at them!)
Zoom I think my favorite of the new ones is the Stephan's Quintet image (the one at the top right). Zoom in close on the image and look around the galaxies. There are a whole bunch of other galaxies in the background! This is a tough object to image from the backyard, and seeing it like this (and that background stuff!) made me have to get up off the floor - fell out of my seat when I first saw it.

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