Friday, September 4, 2009

Rocket jiggling old and new.

Once again it seems that the best way to test a rocket stack on the pad is to jiggle it by hand or foot. The Aries 1-X rocket is completely stacked, and the biggest thing to come out of the VAB in Florida since the Saturn V in the early 70s. Back then they had a bunch of guys pulling on a rope and others pushing with their feet to get the full 363 foot tall beast to rock back and forth.
Today, they are still doing similar things with the new Ares rocket. If I had a chance to do this, I'd do it with my bare feet - yeah, I'd be pretty excited to smear my greasy toes on one of these!
Aries jiggling:

Saturn V jiggling:
| Click here for video and more details on why they did this |

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ancientone said...

depletion of rocket booster propellant changed moment of intertia causing a breakup of aires. this is elementary.