Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Look behind you!! -Soyuz TMA-16 launch

TMA-16 flight to the ISS just launched last night after midnight Seattle time. Always on time, no delays, scrubs or problems with the 40 year old technology. The flight is carrying Cirque du Soleil billionaire Guy Laliberte as the space tourist this time.
Ok, the part that really confuses me is this video. The reporter is so close to the launch pad (she would be killed dead if that thing blew up), but she never turns around to watch the rocket launch!? Wha?? If I was offered the chance, I'd risk getting blown to tiny bits if I could stand there and see a launch. That would be so totally freaking awesome! What is wrong with her? WHY doesn't she turn around, stop talking and say "Ooooohhh!" like most normal people?
Total waste of a good VIP launch pass.


Random Person said...

Good point. But to the viewer it looked really cool to see a not too small rocket blasting off next to her. Neat.

Tom said...

Viewing the video was great! But being there in person and not even turning around to see it? I just can't imagine....

I think the average person would be more like this guy (WARNING: Language - for any of the more delicate readers!)