Sunday, September 13, 2009

Target aquired and locked.

The LRO spacecraft has been mapping the moon and the target crater has been picked for the LCROSS Centaur stage impact, followed by LCROSS itself a few minutes later. The dark, hopefully ice filled crater is named Cabeus A at the south pole of the moon.
Impact is going to be around 4:30am (Seattle time) on October 9. Got to get up early (or just don't go to bed?) that night to see this. Should be visible from ground based telescopes including us amateurs with our wee little scopes in our backyards. October 9 is a risky time for us Seattle dwellers though....yeah - clouds. We could (and I'm sure hoping) get an extended summer which we sometimes get, so I'm hoping we get some good weather for this event. I just have to practice on the moon now and figure out my exposures for images and video.
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