Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jupiter from a couple nights ago.

Might be the last clear night for a while from the looks of the forecast. A bright moon was out, but it was a nice warm evening anyway, so it was better to spend time outdoors. Deep sky imaging was pointless with the moon, so I tried Jupiter. Atmosphere was pretty stable so the image isn't too bad. I need to stack more frames though, this was maybe 200 images stacked. Odd things happening with the observatory computer though, might need some work or an upgrade.
No sign of the 'Wesley Impact" I think that has disappated below the reach of my equipment and skies.
(Click photo for full size)


Anonymous said...

Neato! Love that color!

Tom said...

I just got lucky on the color. My Jupiters usually come out "color blind purple", but I must be doing something different that works better now.