Thursday, September 10, 2009

Live image from backyard observatory

Just for fun, here is what a single raw image looks like from our backyard observatory. I'm out back right now imaging the NGC 7331 galaxy group, and surfing the internet while monitoring the scope. The techie details:
  • Scope: Meade LX200 Classic 12"
  • Guiding scope: Orion 80ED with Meade DSI for guide camera.
  • Imaging software: ImagesPlus 3.80 (Just got the newest version and testing it out right now)
  • Camera: Canon 350D (with IR mod)
  • Image: single 5 minute frame at ISO 800. Dust specks, vignetting from f/6.3 reducer, and red sky from light pollution are all visible.
Check back later for the final stacked version. Should look better if all works out right!

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