Thursday, September 24, 2009

M-33 from my backyard.

I took this shot last night from the backyard "Astro-Shack". It's the M-33 galaxy which is about 3 million light years away from us. Looking back in time again, this is what the galaxy looked like 3 million years ago. Does the little photon that traveled through space like the fact that it spent 3 million years to get here, only to be sucked up in the telescope and saved to a hard drive? Who knows!
But at least it was a photon that wasn't wasted. I'm writing this from out back in the observatory again, tonight's target is M31 Andromeda. Looking ok so far, but I'll know if I have anything good after stacking and processing. Could be fantastic, or just another light polluted waste of time. Never know with this hobby, just gotta keep trying, the good images show up now and then!
(Click image for full size)

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